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What Are The Material Of The MDF?
Mar 09, 2018

At present, density boards sold in the market use poplar, pine, malacca, birch, fir, paulownia and other wood species. Among them, the northeast poplar and birch are the best, the texture is dense, the wood is not soft or hard, the nail holding power is strong, and it is not easily deformed, while the texture of the paulownia is light and soft, the water absorption is large, the nail holding power is poor, and it is not easy to dry. After the plates are dried, the plates are easily cracked and deformed; the nail holding power of Malacca and Chinese fir is too poor. This is a fatal injury to these two species. The product life is short and cannot be changed; the southeast wood industry mainly produces poplar and pine as raw materials. High quality environmental protection MDF.

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