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Uses Of Medium Density Fibreboard
May 11, 2018

MDF was originally developed exclusively for furniture. But it's weight strength and aesthetics have seen its proliferation to many uses. It is used extensively in kitchens and for mouldings, and in bathroom environments. It's use as an exterior cladding for housing has successfully been trialed, and structural applicationsare are increasing.

MDF has been able to take over from the traditional materials used (especially particleboard ) in the aforementioned applications because:

    It's moderate overall density and suitable density profile give it excellent machining characteristics

    It has greater moisture tolerance than particleboard

    It has very strength, with a Modulus of Elasticity of 2500 MPa for standard boards to over 5000 MPa for higher density varieties of MDF. Modulus of Rupture is from 28 to 80 MPa depending on thickness and types.

    Aesthetically pleasing. 

There is a trend for furniture to become more ornate ( or a return to furniture being ornate) and the machinability, the laquering properties, strength and ability to maintain shape will be well suited to MDF. Door skins and architraves are easily moulded.

MDF has better moisture sorption characteristics than timber

The Fire resistance of MDF is also better than that of timber

Although attractive enough in its raw form MDF is usually coated with a Melamine paper, which can provide a full palette of colours and artificial wood veneers. True wood veneers, other plastics, paints and aluminium will all adhere to MDF. The author was recently impressed by its use, in the raw form, as stands to set of wood carvings in a forest gallery. 

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