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MDF Veneer Board Bottom Processing
Mar 09, 2018

MDF veneer fiberboard bottom layer processing, fiberboard is made of defibrated wood fiber glue, hot pressed and made of a kind of plate material, and it is different from the particleboard, the surface when the seven light, no pores. In spite of this, fine sandpaper or fine rags are used to remove the burrs on the sides of the sawing board before the rake, and the ash on the large surface is gently polished, but care should be taken. The surface of the fiber pull plate should be polished with coarse sandpaper or ancestral sand cloth to avoid sand marks and affect the appearance of the paint film.

For the bottom of the MDF veneer, the surface must be flat, otherwise it should not be veneer, but some furniture often suffer from defects such as swelling or looseness due to changes in temperature or moisture. Therefore, before veneering, use a small 20-mm-long nail to nail and loosen the pinned and loosened parts. At the same time, sandpaper is used to polish the rough surface, remove glue marks, and remove dust from the surface. The bottom layer can be veneered.

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