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MDF Processing Standard
Mar 09, 2018

In the processing and production of the MDF, the color must be the same or similar color, the same wood, the same direction of the wood plate to form a whole, the water content difference between any two adjacent plates shall not exceed 3 degrees; glue The weight ratio to the curing agent should be controlled within a certain range;

When the ambient temperature is between 20 and 38°C, the pressure must be controlled for more than 2 hours;

When the ambient temperature is below 20°C, the pressurization time must be controlled over 4 hours;

Pressurization pressure must be controlled within a reasonable range. The size of the puzzle line is controlled within 0.2mm;

When gluing, the glue must be evenly distributed. When gluing on one side, the glue thickness on the gluing surface must be controlled within 0.3~0.5mm;

For double-sided coating, the thickness of glue on one side must be controlled within 0.3mm.

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