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MDF Application Considerations
Mar 09, 2018

1, MDF must always keep the MDF dry and clean, can not be washed directly with a lot of water, it can not be immersed in water for a long time, if the stain on the sheet, we must pay attention to the timely removal, available soft cloth plus a mild cleaning Wipe off the product, it is best to use the appropriate cleaning products, do not use alkaline water, and some corrosive items to deal with, not to use gas and other flammable items and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the density board.

2, it is best to have a foot pad in front of the door, to prevent dust particles into the dust, damage the density board; very heavy objects to be placed on the smooth above; move the furniture, do not drag, to lift is appropriate.

3, the surface of the MDF stains and grease, please use household cleaners to clean, do not use a lot of water to wash the MDF, the surface of dirt, dry wigs can be wiped, if stained with chocolate, grease, Juices, drinks, etc., just wipe with warm water and neutral detergent, if it is contaminated with lipstick, crayons, ink, etc., can be gently wiped with methanol or acetone.

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