MDF Wooden Board

MDF (English: high density board (wood), also known as fiberboard, is wood, branches and other objects in the water after soaking by hot mill, hot pressing, with wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive made from man-made plank. As a professional manufacturer of MDF wooden board, we are now working with many customers in your market. Our quality meet ISO9001, ISO14001, CARBP2 standard,we are looking forward to your kindly reply and further discussion.
Product description

1. Product description
Inspection result (average), executive criterion: GB/T117818-2009
1) Standard dimension: 1220*2440*15 mm
2) Density(kg/m3): 710, 630-850
3) Formaldehyde emission grade: (Mg/100g) 6, E1≤8
4) Moisture content(%): 5.7%, 3-13
5) Internal bonding(Mpa): 1.04, ≥0.45
6) Bending strength(Mpa): 26.1, ≥24
7) Elasticity co-efficient(Mpa): 2567, ≥2300
8) Inside density tolerance(%) -1.5_±1.10, ±10.0
9) Water absorption and thickness swelling:11.1, ≤12

2. Package details
By container, pallet or bulk (plastic bag inner and 3mm thin MDF board outer, then fixed with steel tapes)
Delivery detail: Within 15 days after receiving your deposit.


3. Competitive advantages
1) Various coatings, paint can be evenly coated on our product, paint effect is the base material of choice
2) It is a kind of beautiful decorative plates
3) Density board, all kinds of wood veneer, tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet material such as glue to stick on its surface
4) Density of rigid plate after coining, drilling, also can be made into acoustic board, used in architectural decoration project
5) Physical performance is wonderful, uniform texture, there exists no problem of dehydration

4. Recommendations:
1) MDF sheet home depot
2) Pre cut mdf panel
3) MDF fire rated board


5. Contact us
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