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What is a MDF veneer?
Mar 09, 2018

MDF veneer is a kind of wood-based panel that is made by cutting wood processing residues, sawdust, etc. into chips, drying them, and adding plastics and hardeners at a certain temperature. MDF veneers are also widely used nowadays. A kind of plate, because of its advanced manufacturing technology, in terms of color, texture and texture have reached a very perfect level, well-made MDF is almost indistinguishable from natural wood, both quality and aesthetic Has greatly exceeded the solid wood.

MDF veneer board without any gaps, uniform material, and more used in the decorative parts need to do modeling. At present, the most used place on the market is cabinets. After dealing with the positive and negative sides of the MDF, the fireproof panels with various colors and patterns are used as the main materials for cabinet making and are welcomed by the market.

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