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The main drawback of MDF
Mar 09, 2018

1, MDF's biggest drawback is that it is not moisture, see the water will swell, in the use of MDF to do kickboards, door panels, windowsills should pay attention to the six sides are painted, so that it will not be deformed.

2, the density of water in the MDF is large, large deformation, long load-bearing deformation than the homogeneous solid wood particle board.

Although the moisture resistance of the density board is poor, the surface of the density board is smooth and smooth, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edges are firm, and the molding is easy. It avoids problems such as decay and insect infestation, and is better than the particle board in terms of bending strength and impact strength. Moreover, the decorative surface of the board is excellent, which is superior to the appearance of solid wood furniture.

3, density plate nail holding power is poor, because the fiber density of the MDF is so broken that the MDF holding nail force than the solid wood board, particleboard, have to be a lot worse.

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