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MDF Furniture Care Tips
Mar 09, 2018

1. Place the furniture away from high temperatures, such as by the fire, near the radiator, etc., and do not allow direct sunlight.

2. Furniture should not be placed in a room with excessively high temperature all year round, avoiding the deformation of the panel furniture caused by this.

3. Always use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the furniture surface. It is advisable to regularly maintain the special furniture wax on a monthly basis.

4. The furniture plating hardware should be kept dry, clean, and often wiped with a soft dry cloth to protect its luster and rust.

5. It is not advisable to use heavy objects to strike the surface or cut objects directly on the surface to prevent damage to the furniture surface or to push the furniture hard on the floor. The

6. Try to avoid children jumping and playing on furniture so as not to damage the furniture support structure.

7. Pay attention to the formation of the ground when setting up.

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