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MDF can absorb sound
Mar 09, 2018

In fact, many people do not know, MDF also has a performance advantage, the beautiful MDF of the furniture material has a good sound-absorbing effect, especially the soft MDF, its soft soft porous, noise, noise The absorption effect is particularly noticeable. When the noise is projected on the MDF material, most of the volume is reduced and disappeared due to the effects of reflection, transmission, and absorption. Therefore, the MDF material is now widely used in interior decoration. , can play a good sound absorption effect.

The sound-absorbing effect of the MDF varies with its density. The smaller the density, the softer the fibers are, and the better the sound absorption effect. Similarly, the same density MDF, the thicker the sound absorption ability, and vice versa, the weaker. Thickness of the density of the low-frequency sound wave absorption is better, but the sound wave frequency of more than 4000Hz, even if the thickness increases, the role is not great.

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