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How to buy MDF skills to share
Mar 09, 2018

First, look at how clean the surface of the product

Surface cleanliness is a very important indicator of the quality of MDF. Products with good surface cleanliness can not see some obvious particles from the appearance of the product. The particles in this product are during the process of product suppression. Due to the phenomenon caused by some external magazines, if there are small particles in the product, it will not only affect the aesthetics of the product, but also cause the phenomenon that the paint of our products will easily fall out after painting.

Second, look at the surface smoothness of the product

This is also an important indicator when we purchase density plates. When we purchase products, we should first touch the surface of the product by hand. If the hand feels astringent, it means that you can buy a very good product. Without quality processing, you cannot choose such a product.

Third, look at the surface roughness of the product

The surface of the density board is very smooth and bright. We can carefully observe the product from the side of the product. If the surface of the product looks very uneven from this point of view, it indicates that the material itself has problems, or the process of the paint has problems. In short, such products must not be purchased.

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